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Kesar Mango Pulp

Kesar mango is another popular Indian variety of mangoes after Alphonso and Totapuri. We are Indian processed mango exporter of Kesar mango pulp, puree and juice concentrate offering the most original and authentic taste of Kesar mangoes. A uniformly ripened golden yellow Kesar mango has a hint of red blush around its shoulder, with characteristic aroma, sweetness and juiciness. It is rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron, potash, magnesium, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins A and C. The pulp is valued for its quality, colour, taste and good shelf-life.

Our Kesar mangoes are cultivated and processed implementing international standards, so that the finished mango product, i.e. the Kesar mango pulp meets the quality requirements of our worldwide customers. We export Kesar mango juice concentrate and pulp to countries around the world – Middle East, Asia, Europe, USA etc.

We manufacture Kesar mango puree and pulp by extracting pulp from fine grade mangoes of right size, at suitable stage of ripeness. The preparation process includes inspection, cutting, de-stoning etc. which finally leads to the extraction of Kesar mango pulp. We use latest technology and equipment to ensure that proper hygiene and manufacturing standards are followed. Our team ensures that our processed mango packaging and storage is at par with international parameters. At every stage of processing, our in-house quality teams checks Kesar mango pulp for various quality specifications. The finished pulp is hermetically packed into aseptic bags only once the quality team provides a go ahead.

Kesar mangoes are used for table purpose and exotic kesar mango pulp recipes, while bulk quantities of Kesar mango pulp is also used on commercial scale in the food processing industry for making nectars, juices, jams, fruit cheese, drinks, puddings, bakery fillings, ice-creams, confectionery, yoghurt and flavours.

You can go through detailed process flowchart about Kesar mango pulp processing or check the product specifications below.

Physio-Chemical Specification :
PARAMETERS                            VALUE

Total Soluble Solid (TSS)                  Minimum 16 Brix at 20° C

Acidity (as citric acid)                       0.4 – 0.6 % W/W

pH Value                                         3.5 to 4.3

Color                                               Golden Yellow

Taste                                               Typical to Kesar Mango

Other                                               Free from Foreign Matter

Black Specks Count                          5 per 100 gm maximum

Brown Specks Count                        20 per 100 gm maximum

Viscosity                                          Minimum 2000 cps at 25° C

Preservative                                     None

Ascorbic Acid                                  Natural

Pesticide Residue                              As per Food and Drug Administration Guideline

Microbiological Specification :
PARAMETERS                               VALUE

Yeast                                                   Nil or maximum

Mold                                                   Maximum

Total Plate Count (TPC)                       Maximum

E. Coli                                                  None

Coliform                                               None

Salmonella                                             None

Packaging and Storage :
Shelf Life & Storage of 18 months at normal ambient condition. Store in cool condition and avoid direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperature 4 – 8° C